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119049 Moscow, Russia
11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, room S625


+7 (495) 7729590 *27190

Email: finance@hse.ru

Head of the School Irina Ivashkovskaya

Head of Corporate Finance Research Center, Dr., tenured professor

Senior administrator Uliana Nepryakhina
Administrator Albina Dzhamamedova
Puzzling Premiums on FX Markets: Carry Trade, Momentum, and Value Alone and Strategy Diversification

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Book chapter
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Book chapter
Corporate international diversification and performance – an economic profit viewpoint: evidence from BRIC companies
In press

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How M&A Deals Influence Corporate Performance in Developed and Emerging Capital Markets: A Review of Empirical Results in the Literature

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Working paper
Does green bonds placement create value for firms?

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The staff of the School of Finance congratulates Usoskin Valentin, Doctor of Economics, on his 90th birthday!

Thank you for your knowledge, experience and wisdom!
We wish you good health, prosperity and long, fruitful years in scientific activity!

The paper by Anilov A. and Ivashkovskaya I. "What Incentives do Boards Provide with Inside Debt? The Evidence from Payout Policies" has been accepted for presentation at the EURAM 2021 Online Conference

The paper by Ivashkovskaya Irina and Mikhailova Anna "DO INVESTORS PAY YIELD PREMIUMS ON GREEN BONDS?" was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list

20th EURAM Annual Conference

Researchers of the Corporate Finance lab have presented a study devoted to the analysis of Board Capital and its impact on company performance in Russia. The presentation was made within 20th EURAM Annual Conference which was held in Dublin (online) on 4-6 of December 2020. The study was prepared by D. Korablev, I. Ivashkovskaya and A. Stepanova. The abstract of the paper is presented below.

Also the paper WHO CONTRIBUTES TO INNOVATIONS? was been presented on this conference by Elena Karnoukhova, Anastasia Stepanova.

Strategic Deals in Emerging Capital Markets

Analyzes merger and acquisitions trends in emerging markets. Gives an overview over financial developments in the BRICS countries. Identifies determinants of success and failures

PhD Workshop

VI annual PhD workshop "Financial Markets and Corporate Strategies: Comparative Studies" was held on 13th April,organized by School of Financewithin the 20th Annual April International Conference on Economic and Social Development.

The team members of the School of Finance became the winners in the nomination 'The best scientific monograph' for the edition of the book 'Strategic financial decisions of companies on emerging capital markets'

The V Anniversary all-Russian innovative public competition for the best textbook, training manual and monograph had revealed the winners.

HSE Awards Best Teachers of 2016

The Higher School of Economics has selected its Best Teachers of 2016. This year the voting process was different from previous years’, and First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev explains how.

School of Finance Welcomes Alexander Grigoriev of Maastricht University

On the last week of November, Alexander Grigoriev (Maastricht University, the Netherlands) visited the School of Finance.

Henk von Eije Visited the School of Finance

Professor Henk von Eije from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, visited the School of Finance in November 2014.
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