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The Development of the leasing Market

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Working paper
Choosing the Weighting Coefficients for Estimating the Term Structure from Sovereign Bonds

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Business Education

We develop for you a route of acquiring new knowledge, getting your career on the upswing and achieving a competitive success by the companies where you fulfil your potential.

Intensive Educational Programs

We specialize in intensive financial programs such as Executive Education Open Enrollment Programs – ranging from specific advanced topics to basic courses in finance for students from non-financial departments.
The Executive Education Open Enrollment Programs format is represented by 2-3 days programs aimed at discussion of new trends in finance, improvement of skills and interchange of views and practicums by professionals representing various companies. A tandem of academicians from NRS HSE and highly experienced business practitioners conducts each program. After completing each program one may get a personal coaching taking into consideration the industry branch his/her company belongs to or on more narrow areas of the course.

Corporate Programs

If you realize that your employees lack financial knowledge or skills in relevant practices. If you wish to create a coordinated and advanced team of financial experts. If you appreciate a training program developed specially for your company and industry branch. If you wish your financial experts to create proprietary analytical procedures which result in increase of the business value.
We find a way for your company to improve financial excellence of the teams of different management levels.
We use relevant practices in finance and accounting. We cooperate with the leading companies. We build into the program special characteristics of your company. The best lecturers of the School of Finance and leading business practitioners will help your employees to adapt the current financial knowledge to your industry branch and company objectives. We specialize not only in classroom instruction but in online programs as well.

Implemented Programs and Customers