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Depositor discipline during crisis: Flight to familiarity or trust in local authorities?

Schoors K., Semenova M., Zubanov A.

Journal of Financial Stability. 2019. Vol. 43. P. 25-39.

Book chapter
The effects of introduction of the Moscow Central Circle rail passenger service: transport, urban, economic and travel behaviour consequences

Muleev Y. Y., Koncheva E., Kotov E. et al.

In bk.: Towards Human Scale Cities - Open and Happy. 15th biennial NECTAR conference. 5-7 June 2019. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, 2019. P. 23-23.

Working paper
Choosing the Weighting Coefficients for Estimating the Term Structure from Sovereign Bonds

Lapshin V. A., Sofia Sokhatskaya.

Financial Economics. FE. Высшая школа экономики, 2018. No. WP BRP 73/FE/2018.

The book "Strategic corporate financial decisions in emerging capital markets: a monograph" has been published

Professors and researchers at the School of Finance of the Higher School of Economics investigated the specifics of corporate financial decisions on data from emerging capital markets

The authors discuss the choice of strategies for financing and the choice of growth strategies of companies. The conclusions are based on the results of empirical studies conducted by the authors.

The authors compare the motives, key drivers and the results of strategic financial decisions of Russian companies with companies represented in growing capital markets.

Considering the problem of choosing sources of financing, the book provides answers to the following questions:

·        What determines the choice of financing sources?

·        What is the role of life cycle stage of the company?

·        Why does the phenomenon of zero debt exist?

·        Do tax incentives create incentives when choosing a financing strategy?

·        What is the relationship between capital structure and probability of default?


Pushing the boundaries of knowledge about the results of key decisions in the field of choosing corporate growth strategies, the authors of the book write about the following aspects:

·        What determines premiums in M&A deals?

·        What to choose: organic growth or business acquisition?

·        Are cross-border M&A deals efficient for buyers from BRICS?

·        Is there any specifics in growth by direct investments?

·        Types of corporate financial architecture and growth sustainability.

For practitioners, researchers, whose professional activities are related to corporate governance and corporate finance, as well as teachers, graduate students and students of economic universities and specialties.

Authors: Ивашковская И. В., Башкуева С. А., Григорьева С. А., Кокорев Д. А., Кокорева М. С.Макеева Е. Ю.Скворцова И. В.Степанова А. Н., Тарасова Е.

 Publisher: КноРус, 2019.