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119049 Moscow, Russia
11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, room S625


+7 (495) 7729590 *27190

Email: finance@hse.ru

Head of the School Irina Ivashkovskaya

Head of Corporate Finance Research Center, Dr., tenured professor

Senior administrator Uliana Nepryakhina
Джамамедова Альбина Руслановна
Administrator Джамамедова Альбина Руслановна
Alexander Osovskiy
Analyst Alexander Osovskiy
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About the School

The HSE School of Finance is Russia's higher educational leader in corporate finance, business valuation, banking, stock markets, risk management and insurance, accounting, and auditing

HSE University is the only Russian university represented in the 2021 "QS - World University Rankings by subject" (top 150) in the subject area of Accounting and Finance, and it is the highest ranking Russian university in the 2021 "THE World University Rankings by subject" in the subject area of Business & Economics.

The School of Finance unites specialists with unique intellectual capital who conduct research in Russian finance and comparative foreign financial practices. The School is home to teachers, researchers, and practitioners who develop and implement world-class academic and applied educational programes that provide expertise in priority areas in finance.

Our values

  • Following the world's best practices in financial education
  • Fostering an educational synergy of academic expertise and hands-on experience
  • Developing a financial community in Russia
  • Cultivating relationships with international partners
  • Closely studying the financial practices of companies from all over the world

The School of Finance today


  • The teachers implement the best academic and applied programmes in economics and finance in Russia
  • The School houses joint departments with international companies—PWC, KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte
  • Executive education with an emphasis on volatile markets
  • Online courses and financial specialization 'Corporate Finance and Value of a Company' on Coursera
  • Employment of graduates in corporations and innovative companies, consulting, investment banks, and funds
  • The principle of 'Lifelong Learning'—continuous process of increasing a person's learning potential
  • Partnership with professional communities: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), the Russian Regional Network for Integrated Reporting (RRS), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the Russian Union of Auditors of the Union of Auditors, the Association of Managers of Russia (USAID)


Research and expertise


International cooperation 

  • Reports at international conferences  
  • Research with international partner universities
  • Applied projects with international companies
  • A diverse student body representing 11 countries


  • Network seminar "Measures for non-financial reporting"
  • Thematic round tables
  • Foresight sessions involving business experts
  • Workshops for students and young researchers


We are open for cooperation:

Irina Ivashkovskaya —

Head of School of Finance, Tenured Professor


+7 (495) 916-88-16 (for general questions)

+7 (495) 621-91-92 (for questions about APE)