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119049 Moscow, Russia
11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, room S625


+7 (495) 7729590 *27190

Email: finance@hse.ru

Head of the School Irina Ivashkovskaya

Head of Corporate Finance Research Center, Dr., tenured professor

The research working group of the Center for Interdisciplinary Intellectual Capital Research

Kuzubov Sergei Anatolievich

Sсhool of finance: Assoсiate professor

Goals and objectives of the working group

The project is aimed at the development and promotion of modern methods for intellectual capital measurement and evaluation, research of its role in increasing the efficiency of companies of different industries and organizational forms, assessment of its effectiveness, methods and practices development for its accounting, and its reflection in reporting for intellectual capital management in Russia. The development of intellectual capital research helps to optimize the mechanisms of effective interaction between leaders of the Russian business, the regulator and leaders of the academic community in interdisciplinary research.

Operational objectives

Scientific research and projects in the following areas:

- the role of intellectual capital (human, client, organizational) in the company performance, the creation of the business value, the impact on business models and, accordingly, new types of companies united by the wide range of innovative companies (knowledge  intensive firms, KNIF), drivers of their growth, the specifics  on a wide range of financial policies (financing, investing, payments to owners) in such companies;

- models for measuring the components of intellectual capital and assessing its effectiveness, their verification;

- new models for the cost of innovation assessment;

- the system of non-financial reporting of the companies from different sectors of the economy: indicators and measurements, certification (audit);

- the role of non-financial reporting for investment strategies,  industry foresights, forecasting in companies,  development of financial markets and “project finance factories” and government regulation;

- regular network seminar ‘Measurements for non-financial reporting’ holding  with the involvement of leading Russian and foreign scientists.

- regular participation in EIASM conferences and the Global Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI). In the future preparation of one of such conferences will be on the basis of the Higher School of Economics;

- joint research activities with foreign and Russian organizations and associations, joint scientific events holding, combination of efforts to attract external sources of funding for research projects.

Students of the School of Finance:

  • Amankvah Set Odum, Master’s degree, Strategic Corporate Finance, 1st year student
  • Annamuradova Selbi Merdanovna, Master’s degree, Strategic Corporate Finance, 1st year student
  • Vasilievs Nikolay, Master’s degree, Strategic Corporate Finance, 1st year student
  • Druchok Sergey Mikhailovich, Master’s degree, Strategic Corporate Finance, 1st year student
  • Mohammed Yunuss, Master’s degree, Strategic Corporate Finance, 1st year student


Dr John Dumay, Associate Professor of Accounting at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Associate Editor of Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal and Meditari Accountancy Research, member of the Editorial Board of Advice for the Journal of Knowledge Management, VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems, Managerial Auditing Journal, Accounting Education and Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change.