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119049 Moscow, Russia
11 Pokrovskiy boulevard, room S625


+7 (495) 7729590 *27190

Email: finance@hse.ru

Head of the School Irina Ivashkovskaya

Head of Corporate Finance Research Center, Dr., tenured professor

PhD Workshop

The annual PhD Workshop "Financial markets and corporate strategies: comparative studies", organized by the FES School of Finance in the framework of the 21st annual International April Conference on Economic and Social Development, was held from 18 th to 20 th of May 2020. More than a dozen researchers from HSE and other universities presented their work on emerging capital markets. The keynote speaker was Yevgeny Nivorozhkin of University College of London, with a presentation entitled "Systemic risk in the Chinese Banking Sector".

The participants of the seminar and reports:

  • Dr Eugene Nivorozhkin, University College London (Keynote speaker) - "Systemic Risk in the Chinese Banking Sector"
  • Ilya Ivaninskiy, HSE Мoscow, "Impact of blockchain technology on corporate governance. Preliminary empirical evidence"
  • Аlina Myalo, HSE Мoscow, "Factors of Success of Initial Coin Offering. Empirical Evidence from 2016-2019"
  • Mariya Tkachenko, HSE Мoscow, "Comparative Dynamics of Russian Issuers Financial Efficiency Before and After IPO"
  • Parmenas Njoroge, SFU, "Stock Price Reactions to News of Unethical Behaviour in the Real sector"
  • Аnastasia Saltykova, HSE Perm, "Fundamental factors affecting the MOEX Russia Index: structural break detection in a long-term time series"
  • Nikita Redkin, UTMN, "The impact of naive diversification on a behavioral investment portfolio in the Russian stock market"
  • Meriam Cherif, HSE SPBU, "Corporate venture capital strategies in open innovation ecosystem"
  • Маriya Еvdokimova, HSE Моscow, "Directors’ and top-managers’ propensity to innovate and investment horizon in developed and emerging countries"
  • Hamza Akorede, HSE SPBU, "Intangible assets and Corporate Performance"
  • Sergei Zaharov, NSUEM, "Monetary policy impact on investment. G-7 vs BRICS in recent 20 years
  • Musa Uba Adamu, HSE Моscow, "Risk Reporting: The Impact of Organizational Characteristic, Corporate Governance and Intellectual Capital in the Emerging Countries"
  • Renat Dashkin, KPFU, "Determinants of Emerging Markets Companies Investment Behavior"
  • Roman Burehin, HSE Моscow, «Comparative analysis of forecasting methods of interest rate decrease for corporate loans with fixed rate»
  • Roman Kudrov, HSE Моscow, «International banks credit ratings modelling»